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Dead Eye Will is the story of Will Riddle who runs away from home in Pennsylvania and joins the American army at the beginning of the War of 1812. Through his eyes you see war, adventure, and love.

This first book of An American Hero series shows Mr. Riddle at his finest as he explores the War of 1812 and the Michigan wilderness before statehood.

A story taken from history yet it is compelling and won't let you set the book down for any length of time.


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First book of The World That Was series, Perished tells the story of Creation up to the Flood. Watch as God creates the angels, the earth, and all living things. Observe the broad panorama of the history of man.

From Adam to Noah you meet good men and women and bad. It is the story of man, his sin and the unfolding drama of redemption.

This is a story that tells the story behind the story. It takes the facts and weaves an intriguing tale that you'll find hard to put down.

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Book two tells the story of Noah and his descendants as they go through the Flood and start over in a new earth.

Here Noah passes responsibility to Shem, his second son, to observe and record man's progress. You'll follow Shem as travels from Ararat to Babel to Egypt and beyond. Along the way you will meet Abram (Abraham) and his family.

Another book hard to put down. Based on the facts taken from the Bible, it weaves an interesting story of how the descendants of Noah faced a harsh world and one another.

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