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R. Frederick Riddle, Christian fiction author, seemed destined to write from an early age.  But while now he has authored several Christian fiction books, it wasn't until he was 60 years old that he actually started writing.

Born in 1943 in the middle of WWII, R. Frederick early developed a love for history and literature.  Reading was a great delight to him, especially when it concerned adventure.  Whether it was the world, the United States or some region within easy reach of home, R. Frederick enjoyed it.

He was particularly interested in wars, intrigues, and explorations around the globe.  As a child, he read one of the great masterpieces of literature: War and Peace.  

In 1962 he joined the United States Navy and served as a radioman aboard two cruisers.  During his stay in the Navy, he also served in the Seventh Fleet Communications Division, which placed him in the midst of the Vietnam War.  Honorably discharged in 1966, he returned to civilian life in Pontiac, Michigan still burning with the ambition to write.

In 1973,
he was born again; that is, he placed his faith in Jesus Christ. He joined the Baptist church and almost immediately began serving. Although later transferring his membership to a smaller Fundamental Baptist church, he continued to find ways to serve.

He has now spent over 39 years in the service of his Lord and Saviour.  He has served as:
  • janitor
  • Mission Board member
  • Sunday School teacher and secretary
  • Bus ministry worker
  • Financial Secretary.  

In addition, he once founded and headed a Christian ministry where he supported evangelists and missionaries around the world.  Perhaps the most rewarding service had been his career in his previous church as a member of the staff where he was privileged to work under a beloved and well-known pastor.

In the course of his job, he enjoyed the opportunity of being on the "cutting edge" of history not only through his church's ministry, but also through contacts with many famous preachers and evangelists. This contributed greatly to his personal Bible study and knowledge.

Though he has moved to Florida and a new church, he has continued serving his Lord in similar fashion for a new pastor.  Here he already has seen much growth in his Bible study and prayer.  He has also seen the hand of God working in his life in real and practical ways.

While studying the book of Genesis the plot for Perished: The World That Was crystallized.  He immediately began researching and writing the story basing it upon Biblical and secular history.  Assuming that the first few hundred years after the Flood reflected the knowledge and skills of the people before the Flood, he used that knowledge to recreate the lost world that existed between Creation and the Flood.

All his books have been Bible based adventure novels. He remains committed to that format. So much so, that even non-Biblical books will be Bible based in world view. In 2012 he wrote The Rise of Shem, the sequel to Perished.  Currently he is working on a 3rd in the series. He has also published a new novel based on U.S. history, Dead Eye Will, which is in eBook format only. 

In 2012 The R Frederick Riddle Show, Blog Talk Radio, was launched.  Starting out simply commenting on the news, he has since expanded to inviting guests plus taking a more proactive role.  He now speaks boldly on a number of subjects.

Though busy with his career, R Frederick Riddle remains a committed and active member of his church.

He looks at his writing career as both a God-given talent and a God-given opportunity.

He says "--that was and is an exciting period in my life.  To be able to incorporate God's own words and character into a novel is both challenging and exciting.  Needless to say, I pray a lot!"

His newest novel The Rise of Shem, sequel to Perished, is now available. 

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